AT Initial Evaluation - In Office

Injury assessment, treatment, and plan of action.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 250 US dollars

Service Description

The first thing your Athletic Trainer will do is take a thorough health history. This history will include family, occupational, and past medical histories as well as a history of your dietary and exercise habits and previous care received. All too often in today’s medical climate, the patient is rushed through their initial consult with the doctor and critical elements of their health are missed. We removed ourselves from the high-volume medical model to spend the time necessary to completely understand your complex medical situation. Next, a physical examination will be performed which may include reviewing x-rays, analyzing gait, posture and mechanics, and performing orthopedic and neurological testing. In addition, a careful spinal, extremity, and muscular examination and analysis will be performed to detect any abnormalities which may be affecting or causing your condition. All of these elements are important components of your total health profile, and vital in evaluating your health status. Once we have identified the cause of your health problem, we will begin care by administering manual treatment and/or soft-tissue therapies, joint mobilizations, and muscle energy techniques as well as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). PNF is a more advanced form of flexibility training, which involves both the stretching and contracting of the muscle group being targeted. PNF stretching is one of the most clinically effective forms of stretching for improving flexibility and increasing range of motion. In addition, we will pay close attention to your muscles and work to balance their tone. Many different methods are employed to reduce muscle in spasm and also to strengthen weak muscles, including myofascial release or massage and personally tailored home exercises. Like the rigging of a sailboat, muscles are the stabilizers of all the joints in the body. By working on the muscles directly, we are able to reduce the number of visits necessary and help stabilize the patient’s condition. We will assess every joint from your feet to your upper cervical spine, as well as balance your muscle tone and function.

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(732) 962-6056

415 NJ-34 Suite 104, Colts Neck, NJ 07722, USA

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