"The COR3" Strength Program (12 Weeks)

"The COR3" Strength Program (12 Weeks)

This is our 12-Week Core 3 Lifts (Squat/Deadlift/Bench Press) Strength Training Program designed by EXPERTS for the moderately experienced to experienced athlete or fitness junkie during the off season as they prepare to bring more size and strength to the table! 


This is meant for those who dont want to spend exuberant amounts of money working with a personal trainer OR those who just like to fly solo in the gym!


Give yourself some structure and accountability with a program that was made by our Sports Medicine Clinicians to up your game.


Whats included:

-12 Weeks of 4x/Week Training Program (broken into 3x 4week training blocks)

-Corrective exercise guide to prepare you to dominate this program

-Weight and reps log so you can track your progress


Special Offer:

-Discount Code to join our 1 hour online virtual Mobility and Recovery Classes as an accessory to training (code does not expire- so come as often as you'd like!)


This program provides you 3 full months of training for less than $40.00/ Month.


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