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Thryve Healing and Performance

Our Clinic

Thryve Healing and Performance provides in-office and on-site Physical Therapy and Athletic Training services that embody the ideology of a healthy-active lifestyle.


Patients and clients will experience the benefit of our unique, ONE-TO-ONE treatment approach with the added convenience of online TeleHealth visits, content, and classes to access anywhere, anytime; maximizing results. As a group of highly skilled clinicians, we offer our movement-centered treatment style toward achieving high performance outcomes, health, and wellness to forge a culture that celebrates movement. Together, we will prepare you to out-perform whatever life throws your way.

We stray from the,  ineffective, traditional treatment model by effectively and efficiently decreasing pain, restoring movement, strength, speed, and power while teaching YOU how to keep it from coming back and performing your best.    


What to expect when you book an appointment with us.

Click below for the step-by-step "what to expect" leading up to and at your first appointment.

All About Insurance?

Do we accept yours?

At Thryve Healing and Performance we achieve exceptional results with our patients because we only have one boss – You. We are an Out of Network (OON) Provider allowing us the freedom to provide one-to-one care and offer customized, tailor-fit treatment plans and programs.

For our Physical Therapy and Sports Therapy Services, all we need to get started is your Full Name, Date of Birth (of the person being treated), and a picture of the front and back of your current insurance card to start the verification process. We typically hear back within a 24 hour period or even sooner!

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) A "superbill" can be provided upon request, and will also validate your expenses in our office as healthcare-related to those entities. Those utilizing their insurance will be charged a copay as per their policy at the time of service. Fee-for-service patients and atheltes will be required to pay for the visit at the time of service unless other payment arrangements are made. 

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