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Do I need a doctor’s referral?

The answer is Yes and No.


To work with our Physical Therapist, you can utilize Direct Access for the first 10 visits following an injury. If not resolved within that time frame, you will need to seek an active Physical Therapy Prescription from your Primary Care Physician.  

To work with our Athletic Trainer, you do not need a physician referral if you are seeking treatment for injury prevention, exercise programming, or health and wellness maintenance (recovery). A physician CAN refer to an Athletic Trainer for injury rehabilitation and active therapy similar to that of Physical Therapy.  

What types of health insurance do you accept?

At Thryve Healing and Performance we achieve exceptional results with our patients because we only have one boss – You. We are a fee-for-service provider allowing us the freedom to provide one-to-one care and offer customized, tailor-fit treatment plans and programs with no outside influence. 


We are considered “out-of-network” with all insurance companies and are happy to provide our patients with a “superbill”. This includes all the information (diagnosis and treatment codes, fees, etc) your insurance company needs to reimburse you directly. To find out about your out-of-network benefits, call the customer service number on your insurance card and request your explanation of benefits (EOB).

What is your COVID-19 patient procedure?

Thryve Healing and Performance follows all CDC Recommended Guidelines regarding COVID-19.


Update: as of 5/28/2021

Patients and Clinicians can choose to wear masks inside the facility. When working with our clinicians, you may request that clinicians wear masks during treatments when Social Distancing is not possible.  

Patients are to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time.

Upon arrival to the office, you are to remain in your vehicle and call the clinic phone number (732) 962-6056. Speak with someone and they will provide instruction to enter the facility or to remain waiting until your designated time. Someone in the facility will return your call and instruct you to come in. 

Temperature checks are no longer required.

The facility surfaces, tools and frequently used equipment are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant between patients and at the end of each and every day.  


Patients and Clients experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are urged to please call the office to reschedule your appointment. This remains the same as we would encourage our patients who are experiencing symptoms of other illnesses like the common cold and flu to do the same.


Vaccination status will never be asked or discussed unless it is pertinent to your current health status or condition. 


The health choices regarding COVID-19 and Vaccination are personal and private to our patients and our clinicians, and is considered Protected Health Information protected under HIPAA compliance rules and regulations.


If you have questions regarding our policy please call the office and we would be happy to discuss it with you.