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First Visit

What to Expect 

Before You Arrive

If this is your first visit to our clinic for Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Services, an Initial Evaluation is mandatory. Before you arrive for your first appointment, you will need to fill out our New Patient Intake and HIPPA forms consisting of basic health and demographic information to make your first visit to our office seamless, with no delay, so we can get right to work. These forms will be found in the "Forms" section. You will also find an additional link for additional intake forms in your e-mail inbox provided to us at checkout when you book. Please make sure ALL are completed prior to your first visit.

What You'll Need

Please bring with you any relevant health documentation from your Primary Care Physician and/or radiology reports relevant to your current condition. You will also need to bring shorts and a T-shirt or Tank Top so our clinicians can perform an accurate, hassle free, evaluation.

When You Arrive

Please refer to our COVID-19 Policy before entering the facility. Your Initial Evaluation will consist of a concise interview, movement analysis, postural exam and orthopedic screen before coming up with a plan to begin treatment which can include manual therapy techniques (trigger point, myofascial release, Graston technique, Cupping, joint mobilization, etc.), breath work, corrective exercise, strengthening, and conditioning.

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