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3 Month Strength and Conditioning Program


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Program Details

Program Goal: Lower Body Strength/ Upper Body Strength and Hypertrophy (Muscular Size)

This program consists of:


  • 3 months (12 weeks) worth of exercise guidance  

  • 4x per week schedule in the gym 

  • Progressive Overload 

  • Percentage of Max-based weight selection 

  • Movement Preparation/ Warm-up exercises and explanations

  • Cardiovascular exercise guidance

Difficulty: Moderate-Experienced Lifters/Athletes

Best Use: Off-Season Lifting Program; Training for Strength-based events

Tip: After the program is completed, you can restart the program with your new max numbers to generate your new working set (training) weight. Track your progress and see how your Day 1 75% Max compares to your Day 91 75% Max and watch your numbers climb-- Happy Lifting!

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